Our Approach

Building off a 10-year professional-journalism-turned-marketing-career, I write editorial-style pieces that drive business goals. I take time to learn the business, the appropriate vernacular, and interview subject matter experts (if necessary) to really drive a story home. I write quickly, and enjoy the process of learning new areas as much as I love writing.

My Favorites

While I've written about everything from Colorado Alpaca farming, to presidential campaign financing trails, I'm most versed in the following topics:

  • New tech
  • AI
  • IoT
  • CRM
  • B2B SaaS products
  • _(fill in the blank)_-as-a-Service products
  • Yoga
  • Rock climbing

Here's my face

Yes, quite realistically: Jean K. Spencer

Jean K. Spencer

Founder, principal writer

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